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OA intelligent raised floor is made of quality steel plate, which is stretched forming welded and sprayed with bubble cement filled in its inner cavity. Its pedestal is plated with zinc and cast aluminum alloy, whose height is adjustable and can be self-locked. The steel panel can be shaped by either slicing or riveting. In order to meet the requirements of the multi-functional intelligent building, OA raised floor is equipped with double wiring chip boxes to avoid the unnecessary inconvenience. Installed by beamless angle bars, the panels are firm, stable and easy to handle.

Applicable fields:

The intelligent raised floor of OA is fit for intelligent office building, OA classroom or places need to be raised, dust-free or waterproof.


  •All steel assembly structure with high strength and strong anti-impact ability.
  •High precision of dimensions and good interchange ability.
  •Surface is treated with static electricity painting, owning good performance for anti-corrosion and long life for use.
  •Fire-proof, water-proof and dust-proof.
  •Wiring chip port is molded forming to make it easier for assembling wires and outlet boxes.
  •Lower space can be used for air-conditioning ventilation.
  •With regard to bearing loads of excessive heavy equipment, the loading problem can be solved by adding pedestals under the floor.
  •Convenient work for both assembling and dismantling brings high re-use factor.

OA600 (the obverse side)

OA600 (the reverse side)

Bearing structure of OA600